CEB’s Tariff plan for Prosumers of the SSDGC scheme 

Here is the Proposed Tariff Schedule for Prosumers.

The following non-refundable fees/charges are applicable:

  • At the time of application: An Application Fee of Rs 375
  • Any Change of installer/equipment/Re-evaluation of application: Rs 375
  • At the time of grant of Undertaker Permit, one of the following Connection Fee is payable:
  • For single-phase connection: Rs 750 or 
  • For three-phase connection: Rs 1,500

                                                                                        TABLE A (FEED IN TARRIF)

                                                                                       TABLE B (GREENFIELD TARIFF)

(a) After 15 years, the Feed-in-tariff will be the marginal electricity production cost of the CEB.

(b) The above tariffs are applicable for up to a total of 200 installation or 2MW, whichever comes first.

(c) If the annual production/consumption (from production) ratio is greater than 3, the tarrif for the following year shall be in accordance with Table B.

Payment to SSDG Owners

VAT Registerd SSDG owner: Signed invoice should be forwarded to the SSDG Unit for processing of payments.

Non VAT Registered SSDG Owner: Those with email facilities may send a scanned version of the signed SSDG invoice to the address for processing of payments.

Contact Us 

Interested parties can contact the SSDG Unit, CEB Head Office, Curepipe on 601-1100 for further details on the project.

Hard copies of above documents are also available at SSDG Unit.