The Central Electricity Board (CEB) is a parastatal body wholly owned by the Government of Mauritius and operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities. Established in 1952 and empowered by the Central Electricity Board Act 1963, the CEB's business is to "prepare and carry out development schemes with the general object of promoting, coordinating and improving the generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electricity" in Mauritius. Mauritius has been 100% electrified since 1982.

The CEB produces around 40% of the country's total power requirements from its 4 thermal power stations and 8 hydroelectric plants; the remaining 60% being purchased from Independent Power Producers. Currently, it is the sole organisation responsible for the transmission, distribution and supply of electricity to the population.....


Today, the CEB employs around 2200 people and the organigramme below shows its different departments  and outlines its organisational structure: