CEB keeps enhancing its reliability of supply 

Reliability of Supply

The CEB is committed to improving its reliability of supply. It also prevents power interruptions by the continuous monitoring of its SAIDI and
SAIFI indices which are in line with best international practices. The table shows SAIDI*, SAIFI** and CAIDI figures for the past four years.

* SAIDI is the System Average Interruption Duration Index i.e. the average duration of interruption of electricity experienced by a customer during the year.

** SAIFI is System Average Interruption Frequency Index i.e. the average number of times a customer has experienced interruption of electricity during the year.

CEB offers an efficient customer service

Service Delivery

The response time to the request of our customers is a very important aspect of customer service delivery. Close monitoring of the response time is ensured through Key Performance Indices (KPIs) as below.


- KPI fins: indicates the average number of days between an application being lodged at the CEB and the first site visit to the customer's premises.

- KPI p2mv: indicates the average number of days between payment being made for a new supply and the effective connection to the CEB grid.

- KPI ins (AP): indicates the average number of days taken for processing CEB's Clearance for the purpose of Building and Land Use Permit.

View our Key Performance Indices for Service Delivery