Building and Land Use Permit (BLUP)


If you are in the process of starting the construction of a residential building or any other building structure for commercial or industrial purposes, you may need to apply to the Local Authority (Municipal or District Council) responsible for your region so as to obtain your Building and Land Use Permit. You may wish to note that the Section 117 of the Local Government Act has been amended with a view to provide a one stop shop for applications involving a Building and Land Use Permit


The latter is now mandated to seek the relevant clearances from all required Authorities e.g. CEB, CWA, Fire Department, etc.  However, applicants should ensure that the following required documents are produced at the Local Authority’s office:


  • National Identity Card and contact details of applicant.
  • Existing electricity customers should provide a recent copy of their electricity bill or submit their Business Partner Number/Contract Account Number.
  • A set of scaled drawings constituting of a location plan, a site plan, one plan view and any two side elevations, adjacent to access roads to the plot of land, with the relevant section drawings. Drawings are to be submitted with the authorized original signature/ seal of architect, and preferably in A3 size.
  • A sum of Rs 375* as processing fee, payable upon application for CEB clearance at the Local Authority.


* subject to revision


Morcellement Permit

If you wish to sell your land by way of a parcelling project, it would be advisable for you to contact the Morcellement Board for initiating the project.