Choose from a wide range of bill payment options designed to make your bill payment simpler and easier


Cash Office Payment

counter You can pay your bill in person, by cash or cheque, at any of our Cash Offices 

Tip for avoiding long queuing time: do not wait for the last date to effect payment; settle your bill outside the end/start of month period (29th to 3rd )

Alternatively, you may pay at selected offices of the Central Water Authority (CWA) (St Paul and Port Louis) and Post Offices. 

Please bring your current bill with you, making cheques payable to Central Electricity Board.

Payment by Mail

If you prefer mailing your payment, please ensure that your bill is enclosed along with your cheque. These are to be addressed to:

The Senior Revenue Management Officer
Central Electricity Board
Royal Road

Direct Debit Payment

Direct Debit is a convenient and reliable payment option where the exact amount of your bill is withdrawn automatically from your bank account on the date stated on your bill.

You can now contact any of our Customer Service Office for Direct Debit facility.

Internet Banking Payment

Settle your bill through internet banking. Please call on your bank for further details.

SBM BillPay

SBM BillPay enables all subscribers to the service, to settle their monthly CEB bills and other utility invoices via ATMs at SBM Ltd and Point of Sales at Winners Supermarkets. 

This service is available for SBM customers with either debit/credit cards or both upon registration. Registration forms are available at any SBM branch, CEB counter, Orange shop or Winner's supermarket. 

All filled registration forms have to be dropped at the nearest SBM branch along with a relevant utility bill. * 

Quick info   Register Now   Read More on SBM Website

Orange Money

Orange Money vous permet de régler vos factures d'électricité, de téléphone et de mobile Orange à partir de votre mobile. 

Votre mobile est associé à votre compte bancaire SBM, vous choisissez quelles factures vous voulez payer par Orange Money et vous recevrez des SMS chaque mois à la date du paiement de chaque facture.*
Les avantages de Orange Money   Comment s'inscrire   Comment ça marche 
Plus d'info sur le site de notre partenaire Orange

Emtel Cash

  Emtel Cash enables any Emtel subscriber to pay his CEB bills and for his family/friends also more conveniently through his mobile phone. 
This is a service that works on all types of mobile phones and is available anytime, anywhere. 

A PIN is required for all transactions and the system is supported by a 24/7 customer service desk.

No bank account nor internet is needed to make the payments and it is FREE for the customer.

Register to Emtel Cash by visiting any Emtel Showroom or an Official Retail agent.*

For more information, visit

* IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS HAVING ARREARS ON THEIR ELECTRICITY BILLS Electricity supply is liable for disconnection in case of arrears (overdue debts) on your CEB account. In that case, please contact the nearest CEB Customer Service centre to confirm the application of any additional charges prior to reconnection of your supply.