Are you in the process of constructing a house or moving to new premises? Do contact us early in your planning process to ensure that supply is available where and when you need it. If you have finalised your electricity needs, please contact us and we’ll guide you through the process. 

To connect an electricity account for residential purposes, an application must be made in person or in writing, together with the following documents:-

    • National Identity Card of the applicant or Passport ID;
    • A copy of the title deed of the property where application for new supply is being made;
      • Or a copy of the Lease Agreement, if applicant is a resident on State Land;
      • Or a copy of the transcription, if the land has been transcribed to the applicant;
      • Or a letter of authorization* from the landlord if the applicant is a tenant. A copy of the landlord’s title deed is also needed in this case;
    • Building and Land Use Permit for the said premises, wherever applicable
    • A list of the domestic appliances to be connected in Watts or Kilowatts. 

*If you are occupying a premise as a Tenant, the authorisation of your Landlord shall be required together with a copy of the latter’s National Identity card and Title deed.
  Download your check list for a Domestic Supply here!