If you have recently noted that your energy consumption has increased or decreased drastically and that you suspect your energy meter to be faulty, you can apply for a verification of your meter through the installation of a check meter at your premises. A check meter will be installed to monitor your own energy meter for a period of one month. 


The CEB is committed to you by enabling the transparency of the installation of the check meter. In this way, you can yourself monitor the energy consumption on your meter and that on the CEB check meter. It is worth noting that a tolerance of 2% is allowable as per Section (b) (ii) under Regulation 44 of the Electricity Regulations 1939.


This service is provided against the payment of a processing fee of Rs 450*.  If the check meter results show that your energy meter is faulty, the processing fee of Rs 450* will be consequently refunded to you through a credit adjustment on your electricity Contract Account number and the meter will be replaced. The overbilled amount will be refunded as per prevailing legislations.

* subject to revision