To connect an electricity account for commercial purposes, an application must be made in person or in writing, together with the following document:

  • A duly signed letter from the company requesting the new supply and specifying the total connected load;
  • A list of the declared electrical equipment to be connected in watts or kilowatts
  • A copy of the company’s Business Registration Card together with a copy of its Certificate of Incorporation;
  • A copy of the Title Deed in case of ownership of the premises;
  • A letter of authorization from the landlord or a copy of the Lease Agreement if the customer is a tenant, as well as copy of the relevant title deed;
  • A Building  & Land Use Permit, wherever applicable;
  • A Trade License from the relevant authorities;
  • In case of a  registered company, a list of shareholders( those holding more than 10 % of shares);
  • National Identity card of the Director or Passport ID; 

For any other case, please contact a Customer Service Agent of any CEB Customer Service Office.

  Download your check list for a Non-Residential Supply here!